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Server and Virtualization Security.

Securing Virtual Infrastructures

With experience in designing, deploying and securing both VMware and Hyper-V infrastructures for as long as they’ve been out, Coherent is uniquely positioned to help you with your VMware or Hyper-V virtual infrastructure. We’ve helped write some of the initial security standards for VMware, as well as co-authored the SANS Course that covers private cloud security: SEC579: Virtualization and Software-Defined Security (now retired).

If you're interested in designing, optimizing or securing your virtual infrastructure, we can help.

Securing Servers and Workstations

It can't be stressed enough that almost any server or workstation that has just been installed is generally easy pickings for an attacker. This is equally true for Windows, OS X or Linux. Setting internal build standards that stress securing those various platforms is an important building block of any infrastructure. At Coherent, we base these standards on industry specifications such as those published by the Center for Internet Security (https://www.cisecurity.org/cis-benchmarks/), the Mitre ATT&CK Framework (https://attack.mitre.org/) and on your business requirements and processes.

Securing Public Cloud Services

These days there are dozens of public cloud infrastructures to choose from. Each has their own design and their own security considerations, native security tools and API's for automation. At Coherent, we're happy to help you work with any of the major vendors. We've got experience with deploys and security with Office 365, Azure or AWS. Or, if you plan on imnplementing your own cloud in a colocation facility, we're good to help there too.

No matter your cloud platform, we're happy to assist with automation, networking, security or migrations.