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Network and Network Related Consulting.

Networking and Firewalls

We’ve worked with just about every vendor’s gear, from design, deploy and defend perspectives. If you have a Cisco wired network or a Cisco wireless network, Palo Alto or Cisco firewalls, routers or switches of any kind, we can help you optimize or defend these infrastructures.

Adding a new datacenter? Common issues that should be considered might include which VLANs need to route, and which need to be bridged? What data needs elevated (or depressed) Quality of Service? How can we measure and meet our SLAs when deploying a DR Datacenter? What security controls need to be in place between my servers and the people accessing the applications? We can help with all of these, making anything up to adding a new datacenter a quick and painless project!

Even in standard user networks, security is important. Common projects here include:
- ensuring that workstations are securely authenticated before they are allowed on your wired or wireless network.
- Configuration of switch ports to prevent the connection or rogue DHCP Servers or "brought from home" switches or access points.
- Configuration of Layer 2 protections to disable eavesdropping attacks on the network.

Cloud based Backups

Are your on-premise backups starting to reach the limits of your equipment? Or is your offsite tape rotation starting to become a pain? Let us help you move the entire backup solution to an off-premise, cloud based backup. Using a combination of server image and file-based backups, we can set you up for success in File Recovery, Server Recovery and Disaster Recovery scenarios.

Disaster Recovery Design and Planning, Automation and Testing

So often organizations focus on optimizing their business processes and infrastructure, and miss the “what happens when disaster strikes” scenarios. If you are working on a disaster recovery plan, cloud based backups, or a DR Datacenter let us help you get this done as quickly and as cheaply as possible. Or if you have an existing DR solution in place, let us help you ensure that it’s kept up to date without a whole other round of never-ending projects. “Insurance” projects like this are important, but you need to get your DR requirements done and operational as quickly and as completely as possible, so that you can get back to IT supporting the other needs of the business.